Unity in diversity
kotahitanga i roto i te kanorau

Privacy Policy

Multicultural Nelson Tasman (MNT) is committed to adhering to the requirements of the PRIVACY ACT 1993, amendment 1994 and any subsequent amendments, to ensure Multicultural Nelson Tasman’s policies and procedures comply with the legal requirements of an individual's privacy.


  • Multicultural Nelson Tasman will ensure that it’s procedures for collecting, storing, using, disclosing and destroying personal information, comply with the 12 principles contained in the Act.
  • Multicultural Nelson Tasman takes the responsibility to protect the privacy of information held by the Management committee, about individuals, including paid staff (employees) and volunteers.
  • Personal information will be stored in a locked cabinet.
  • A privacy officer will be appointed on an annual basis.
  • The privacy officer will review policies and procedures with regard to individual privacy and report to the management committee with any recommendations for change.
  • Any concerns regarding privacy matters will be referred to the privacy officer.
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